Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss – How It Is Desirable To Burn The Fat

Fruit and vegetable - For three days to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables, such a rapid diet is desirable to practice in the late summer or early fall, during an abundance of vegetables and fruits. Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss.

Optional diet for three days more; one of them is the mono-diet. Each day is dedicated to a single fruit or vegetable, and anyone in any quantity. For example, the first day of this watermelon, the second day - cucumbers or tomatoes, the third - pears or peaches.

Express diet for three days, can get rid of 5-7 kg of weight, cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and eliminate congestion in the gut. It has a beneficial effect on the skin - the skin is cleansed, smoother, and firmer. To practice such a diet can often, but not more often than once every two weeks.

There are great reviews about the rapid diet, based on the use of dairy products. Sample menu: the first day only yogurt, low-interest is not necessarily in the amount of three liters, distributed in equal portions during the day.

Second day - a cup of yogurt for breakfast, lunch fat cottage cheese is not more than 5%, and green tea, for dinner on the choice of either remaining half a pack of cottage cheese, or two cups of yogurt. Third day - 300 g drinking yoghurt for breakfast, half a pack of cottage cheese for lunch, a cup of yogurt for dinner.

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